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Solitary, more or less globose perithecia, often pointed slightly around the single, apical ostiole, often in large gregarious groups. Surrounded by a fine mat of hyphae, although this can be lost with age. Developing on the surface of fallen wood, the wood often recently dead.
About 20 species has been reported for New Zealand, mostly indigenous. Only those species listed below have been treated in the Virtual Mycota.

Name (click to select)Image (click to enlarge)
 Rosellinia arcuata  
 Rosellinia chusqueae  
 Rosellinia colensoi
 Rosellinia communis  
 Rosellinia dingleyae  
 Rosellinia freycinetiae  
 Rosellinia gisbornia  
 Rosellinia hughesii  
 Rosellinia johnstonii  
 Rosellinia longispora  
 Rosellinia mammoidea  
 Rosellinia necatrix
 Rosellinia nothofagi  
 Rosellinia novae-zelandiae  
 Rosellinia palmae  
 Rosellinia radiciperda  
 Rosellinia rhopalostylidicola  
 Rosellinia samuelsii  
 Rosellinia stenasca  
 Rosellinia victoriae