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Virtual Mycota Groups - A Simple Key

A simple pictorial key to the fungi treated in the virtual Mycota. Links from this page will provide a provide a short description of the various groups of fungi treated, and a list of genera within those groups


Group (click to select)

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Mushrooms [fleshy fungi with gills]

Boletes [and other fleshy fungi with pores]



Pouch Fungi (secotioid - with a stalk)  

Truffle-like Fungi (gasteroid - without a stalk)


Coral Fungi

Puffballs and puffball-like fungi


Birds-nest nidul04c

Jelly Fungi



Bracket or Crust Fungi with pores on fertile surface
Thelephores - a smooth fertile surface, leathery brackets, or crust-like (paint-splash fungi)

Tooth Fungi

Cyphelloid fungi - basidiomycetes with cup-like fruiting bodies and a smooth fertile surface


Earth tongues and jelly babies  

Cup fungi, saddle fungi and morels



Slime moulds



Rust fungi

Smut fungi