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Description: Truffle-like fungi with a stipe. Related to the mushrooms, the gills are compressed and distorted inside the enclosed cap.
The secotioid Group is phylogenetically artifical, but a highly characteristic and easy to recognise part of New Zealand's fungal biota. Species in this group are biologically diverse. Some are ectomycorrhizal (e.g. the brightly coloured, secotioid Cortinarius species), while others are saprobic (e.g. Weraroa). The secotioid Cortinarius species were previously treated as Thaxterogaster, and are listed under that name in many New Zealand publications and field guides.

Name (click to select)Image (click to enlarge)
 Cortinarius anisodorus  
 Cortinarius cartilagineus  
 Cortinarius coneae  
 Cortinarius epiphaeus  
 Cortinarius flavidulus  
 Cortinarius leucocephalus  
 Cortinarius luteobrunneus  
 Cortinarius napivelatus  
 Cortinarius nivalis  
 Cortinarius ohauensis  
 Cortinarius peraurantiacus  
 Cortinarius pisciodorus  
 Cortinarius porphyroideus  
 Cortinarius sarcinochrous  
 Cortinarius violaceovolvatus  
 Macrocystidia reducta  
 Thaxterogaster viola