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A large genus of mostly small mushrooms, common on soil throughout New Zealand's forests. Characterised by pink, angular spores. Although the genus is easy to recognise, individual species are often difficult to identify, with subtle differences in colour of the cap and stalk.
About 60 species have been reported from New Zealand, only those listed below have descriptions or images available from NZFungi.

Name (click to select)Image (click to enlarge)
 Entoloma aberrans  
 Entoloma acuminatum  
 Entoloma aethiops  
 Entoloma aromaticellum  
 Entoloma aromaticum  
 Entoloma asprelloides  
 Entoloma asprellum
 Entoloma atrellum  
 Entoloma blandiodorum  
 Entoloma brunneolilacinum  
 Entoloma canoconicum  
 Entoloma cavipes  
 Entoloma cerinum  
 Entoloma chloroxanthum  
 Entoloma colensoi  
 Entoloma congregatum  
 Entoloma consanguineum  
 Entoloma convexum  
 Entoloma corneum  
 Entoloma crinitum  
 Entoloma croceum  
 Entoloma cucurbita  
 Entoloma deceptivum  
 Entoloma deprensum  
 Entoloma distinctum  
 Entoloma duplocoloratum  
 Entoloma farinolens  
 Entoloma gasteromycetoides  
 Entoloma gelatinosum  
 Entoloma glaucoroseum  
 Entoloma gracile  
 Entoloma haastii  
 Entoloma hochstetteri  
 Entoloma horakii  
 Entoloma imbecille  
 Entoloma inventum  
 Entoloma lampropus
 Entoloma latericolor  
 Entoloma mariae  
 Entoloma mcnabbianum  
 Entoloma melanocephalum  
 Entoloma melleum  
 Entoloma minutoalbum  
 Entoloma neosericellum  
 Entoloma nothofagi  
 Entoloma obrusseum  
 Entoloma occultum  
 Entoloma parasericeum  
 Entoloma parsonsiae  
 Entoloma peralbidum  
 Entoloma perconfusum  
 Entoloma perplexum  
 Entoloma phaeomarginatum  
 Entoloma placidum
 Entoloma pluteimorphum  
 Entoloma porphyrescens  
 Entoloma procerum  
 Entoloma psittacinum  
 Entoloma rancidulum  
 Entoloma readiae  
 Entoloma rusticoides  
 Entoloma sericellum  
 Entoloma sericeum  
 Entoloma sp.  
 Entoloma squamiferum  
 Entoloma strictum  
 Entoloma sulphureum  
 Entoloma translucidum  
 Entoloma uliginicola  
 Entoloma viridomarginatum  
 Entoloma vulsum  
 Entoloma waikaremoana