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Cortinarius is a large, morphologically divergent genus of ectomycorrhizal species. Species in this genus are amongst the most common and prominent mushrooms seen in New Zealand's beech forests in the autumn.
Cortinarius sensu lato has been variously divided into a number of smaller genera over the years. These genera have been based on differences in morphology such as a glutinous cap (Phlegmacium), a glutinous stipe and cap (Myxacium), bright pigments (Dermocybe), or a secotioid habit (Thaxterogaster).Molecular studies have shown that all such features have evolved several times independently amongst the cortinarioid fungi, an progressively these segregate genera are being incorporated back into Cortinarius. Few molecular studies have yet incorporated New Zealand material, and for now many of our species remain in the segregate genera.
Although such a taxonomic approach is neccessary, it makes this biodiverse genus very difficult to handle.
Over 115 species have been described from New Zealand. Only those listed below have descriptions or images available from NZFungi.

Name (click to select)Image (click to enlarge)
 Cortinarius (Myxacium)  
 Cortinarius (Phlegmacium)  
 Cortinarius (Telamonia)  
 Cortinarius achrous  
 Cortinarius aegrotus  
 Cortinarius aerugineoconicus  
 Cortinarius alboaggregatus  
 Cortinarius alboroseus  
 Cortinarius anauensis  
 Cortinarius anisodorus  
 Cortinarius anomalus  
 Cortinarius atrolazulinus  
 Cortinarius atroviolaceus  
 Cortinarius aurantioferreus  
 Cortinarius austrocyanites  
 Cortinarius bellus  
 Cortinarius carbonellus  
 Cortinarius cartilagineus  
 Cortinarius caryotis  
 Cortinarius castaneiceps  
 Cortinarius castoreus  
 Cortinarius chalybeus  
 Cortinarius chrysma  
 Cortinarius collybianus  
 Cortinarius coneae  
 Cortinarius cremeolinus  
 Cortinarius cretax  
 Cortinarius cucumeris  
 Cortinarius cunninghamii  
 Cortinarius cupreonatus  
 Cortinarius cycneus  
 Cortinarius dulciolens  
 Cortinarius dysodes  
 Cortinarius elacatipus  
 Cortinarius elaiochrous  
 Cortinarius elaiochrous var. leontis  
 Cortinarius epiphaeus  
 Cortinarius eutactus  
 Cortinarius exlugubris  
 Cortinarius flavidulus  
 Cortinarius gemmeus  
 Cortinarius ignellus  
 Cortinarius ignotus  
 Cortinarius incensus  
 Cortinarius indolicus  
 Cortinarius infractus  
 Cortinarius ionomataius  
 Cortinarius iringa  
 Cortinarius kaimanawa  
 Cortinarius lamproxanthus  
 Cortinarius laquellus  
 Cortinarius leucocephalus  
 Cortinarius lubricanescens  
 Cortinarius luteinus  
 Cortinarius luteobrunneus  
 Cortinarius magellanicus  
 Cortinarius mariae  
 Cortinarius marmoratus  
 Cortinarius meleagris  
 Cortinarius melimyxa  
 Cortinarius melleomitis  
 Cortinarius melliolens  
 Cortinarius minoscaurus  
 Cortinarius naphthalinus  
 Cortinarius napivelatus  
 Cortinarius nivalis  
 Cortinarius obtusus  
 Cortinarius ohauensis  
 Cortinarius olorinatus  
 Cortinarius pallidus  
 Cortinarius papaver  
 Cortinarius paraoniti  
 Cortinarius paraonui  
 Cortinarius paraxanthus  
 Cortinarius peraurantiacus  
 Cortinarius peraureus  
 Cortinarius perelegans  
 Cortinarius periclymenus  
 Cortinarius persicanus  
 Cortinarius persplendidus  
 Cortinarius phaeochlorus  
 Cortinarius phaeomyxa  
 Cortinarius pholiotellus  
 Cortinarius picoides  
 Cortinarius pisciodorus  
 Cortinarius porphyroideus  
 Cortinarius porphyrophaeus  
 Cortinarius rattinoides  
 Cortinarius rattinus  
 Cortinarius retipes  
 Cortinarius rhipiduranus  
 Cortinarius rotundisporus  
 Cortinarius rubrocastaneus  
 Cortinarius rugosiceps  
 Cortinarius sarcinochrous  
 Cortinarius saturniorum  
 Cortinarius subcalyptrosporus  
 Cortinarius subcastanellus  
 Cortinarius subgemmeus  
 Cortinarius suecicolor  
 Cortinarius taylorianus  
 Cortinarius tessiae  
 Cortinarius ursus  
 Cortinarius vernicifer  
 Cortinarius veronicae  
 Cortinarius veronicae var. dilutus  
 Cortinarius violaceovolvatus  
 Cortinarius violaceus  
 Cortinarius viscilaetus  
 Cortinarius viscostriatus  
 Cortinarius viscoviridis  
 Cortinarius vitreopileatus  
 Cortinarius xenosma  
 Phlegmacium fallax