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Small delicate mushrooms, saprobic on wood. Cap conical (at least when young), spores white, gills not waxy (like the Hygrophorus-like mushrooms), fruiting bodies not reviving after drying (like the Marasmius-like mushrooms).
Some authors segregate Mycena into a number of genera, some of which have been used in the New Zealand literature. These genera are based on characters such as the presence and absence of cheilocystidia, of latex in the tissue, of gelatinous caps and/or stipes, spore shape, etc. The genera include Basisopus, Collopus, Galactopus, Insiticia, Prunulus, and Mycenula.
Thirty or more species of Mycena sensu stricto have been reported from New Zealand, only those listed below have descriptions or images available from NZFungi.

Name (click to select)Image (click to enlarge)
 Mycena acicula  
 Mycena amicta  
 Mycena ammoniaca  
 Mycena austroavenacea  
 Mycena austrofilopes  
 Mycena austrororida  
 Mycena avenacea
 Mycena capillaris  
 Mycena citrinomarginata  
 Mycena conicola  
 Mycena cystidiosa  
 Mycena dorotheae  
 Mycena filopes
 Mycena galericulata
 Mycena galericulata  
 Mycena galopus  
 Mycena globuliformis  
 Mycena helminthobasis var. novae-zelandiae  
 Mycena hiemalis
 Mycena hygrophora  
 Mycena inclinata  
 Mycena interrupta  
 Mycena lactea
 Mycena leaiana  
 Mycena leaiana var. australis  
 Mycena lividorubra  
 Mycena mamaku  
 Mycena mariae  
 Mycena minirubra  
 Mycena miriamae  
 Mycena morris-jonesii  
 Mycena mucor  
 Mycena ochracea  
 Mycena olivaceomarginata  
 Mycena oratiensis  
 Mycena papillata  
 Mycena parabolica  
 Mycena parsonsii  
 Mycena pinicola  
 Mycena podocarpi  
 Mycena polygramma  
 Mycena primulina  
 Mycena pura  
 Mycena rubroglobulosa  
 Mycena sp. 'Ahuriri Reserve (PDD80918)'  
 Mycena sp. 'Crystal Falls (PDD87606)'  
 Mycena sp. 'Kennedy's Bush (PDD80686)'  
 Mycena sp. 'Mt Grey (PDD87373)'  
 Mycena sp. 'Mt Holdsworth (PDD87426)'  
 Mycena sp. 'Oparara Arches (PDD87085)'  
 Mycena sp. 'Perseverence Road (PDD87228)'  
 Mycena sp. 'Pororari (PDD87077)'  
 Mycena sp. 'Rotokuru Lakes (PDD80841)'  
 Mycena sp. 'Waiohine Gorge (PDD87377)'  
 Mycena sp. 'Whakapapa (PDD80862)'  
 Mycena speirea  
 Mycena subdebilis  
 Mycena subfragillima  
 Mycena ura  
 Mycena vinacea  
 Mycena vinaceipora  
 Mycena viscidocruenta