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Present in region - Indigenous. Endemic

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Owner: P. Leonard

Article: Stevenson, G. (1964). The Agaricales of New Zealand: V. Kew Bulletin 19(1): 1-59.
Description: Pileus 3-10 mm diam., pale greyish fawn, striate-sulcate at margin, campanulate with or without an umbo, silky; flesh thin, fragile. Gills adnate or sinuately adnexed, creamy white at first becoming pink with white margins, moderately crowded. Stipe 2-7 cm. x 1 mm, whitish above, ochraceous fawn below, hollow, fragile, silky smooth, with spreading hyphal hairs at base. Spores 9-10 x 6-7 µm, amyloid, narrower at apicular end. Hymenophoral trama and tissue of pileus strongly pseudo-amyloid. Cheilocystidia 25-35 x 5-10 µm, more or less violin-shaped (Fig. 48). Cuticle of somewhat gelatinized repent hyphae with branched endings.
Habitat: Singly attached to leaves of litter under planted deciduous trees and indigenous shrubs, Nelson, 6.5.1957, Stevenson (type).