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Present in region - Indigenous. Endemic

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Owner: P. Leonard

Article: Stevenson, G. (1964). The Agaricales of New Zealand: V. Kew Bulletin 19(1): 1-59.
Description: Pileus 2-4 mm diam., olive grey with white striations at margin, hemispherical, smooth; flesh thin, olive grey, fragile. Gills adnexed, white to grey, moderately distant. Stipe 20-25 x 0.5-1 mm, white, translucent, solid, with narrow white disc at base. Spores 8- 10 x 4-5 µm amyloid. Hymenophoral trama and tissue of pileus pseudo-amyloid. Dermatocystidia 20 x 8 µm, finely ornamented. Gill edge gelatinized and with cheilocystidia (Fig. 40).
Habitat: On litter, Woodhaugh, Dunedin, 5.6.1953, Stevenson (type).