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Small, tough mushrooms on fallen wood, twigs and leaves. Distnguished from Marasmiellus by pileipellis structure (hymeniform palisade rather than a cutis or trichoderm). Micromphale has a garlic-like odour.
Thirty or more species have been reported from New Zealand, only those listed below have descriptions or images available from NZFungi. Taxonomically still poorly understood.

Name (click to select)Image (click to enlarge)
 Marasmius atrocastaneus  
 Marasmius aurantiobasalis  
 Marasmius aurantiobasalis var. aurantiobasalis  
 Marasmius bellus  
 Marasmius caperatus
 Marasmius caperatus
 Marasmius croceus  
 Marasmius curraniae  
 Marasmius delicatus  
 Marasmius elegans  
 Marasmius erythropus  
 Marasmius exustoides  
 Marasmius fishii  
 Marasmius gelatinosipes  
 Marasmius haematocephalus
 Marasmius impudicus
 Marasmius insititius
 Marasmius kanukaneus  
 Marasmius masoniae  
 Marasmius meridionalis  
 Marasmius micraster  
 Marasmius oreades  
 Marasmius otagensis  
 Marasmius pallenticeps  
 Marasmius perpusillus  
 Marasmius podocarpicola  
 Marasmius pusillissimus  
 Marasmius pusio  
 Marasmius rhombisporus  
 Marasmius rhopalostylidis  
 Marasmius rimuphilus  
 Marasmius rosulatus  
 Marasmius rotula  
 Marasmius sp. 'Rotokuru Lakes (PDD80829)'  
 Marasmius subsupinus
 Marasmius subsupinus  
 Marasmius tinctorius  
 Marasmius unilamellatus