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Uredo spp. are known from their asexual state only. Distinguished from Aecidium and Caeoma by having spores borne singly on distinct peicels and lacking a peridium.
Twenty-three species have been reported from New Zealand, 22 of these indigenous, 15 endemic. Only those listed below have descriptions or images available from NZFungi.

Name (click to select)Image (click to enlarge)
 Uredo brownii  
 Uredo cheesemanii
 Uredo dianellae  
 Uredo histiopteridis  
 Uredo horopito
 Uredo karetu  
 Uredo oleariae  
 Uredo phormii  
 Uredo puawhananga
 Uredo rhagodiae  
 Uredo salicorniae
 Uredo scirpi-nodosi  
 Uredo spyridii
 Uredo toetoe  
 Uredo tupare  
 Uredo wharanui