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Small, ectomycorrhizal mushrooms common on ground under Nothofagus and tea-tree. Characterised by a cortina-like veil on the stalk, shaggy cap, and rough-walled spores with no germ pore. Most New Zealand species are brown.
Many authors consider Astrosporina, with smooth-walled, nodulose spores, congeneric.
More than 20 species have been reported from New Zealand, only those listed below have descriptions or images available from NZFungi.

Name (click to select)Image (click to enlarge)
 Inocybe aequalis  
 Inocybe albovestita  
 Inocybe amygdalina  
 Inocybe calamistratoides  
 Inocybe cerea  
 Inocybe curvipes  
 Inocybe destruens  
 Inocybe dissimilis  
 Inocybe diversa  
 Inocybe geophila  
 Inocybe gracilior  
 Inocybe graveolens  
 Inocybe horakomyces  
 Inocybe intermedia  
 Inocybe lacera var. helobia  
 Inocybe latericia  
 Inocybe leptospermi  
 Inocybe luteobulbosa var. luteobulbosa  
 Inocybe luteobulbosa var. volvata  
 Inocybe manukanea  
 Inocybe mendica  
 Inocybe misera  
 Inocybe ovispora  
 Inocybe paracerasphora  
 Inocybe phaeosquarrosa  
 Inocybe renispora  
 Inocybe rimosa  
 Inocybe scabriuscula  
 Inocybe scissa  
 Inocybe scobifera  
 Inocybe sindonia  
 Inocybe straminea  
 Inocybe strigiceps  
 Inocybe strobilomyces  
 Inocybe subclavata  
 Inocybe umbrosa  
 Inocybe vicina  
 Inocybe viscata