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Saprobic mushrooms on dead plant material, with smooth, brown spores with no germ pore. A non-descript genus not common in New Zealand.
Poorly understood for New Zealand, several of the species reported may have been misidentified.

Name (click to select)Image (click to enlarge)
 Tubaria crobula
 Tubaria deceptiva  
 Tubaria divulgata  
 Tubaria excentrica  
 Tubaria furfuracea  
 Tubaria hiemalis  
 Tubaria hispidula  
 Tubaria inquilina
 Tubaria lanatula  
 Tubaria mediocris  
 Tubaria pallidissima  
 Tubaria pedicularis  
 Tubaria perplexa  
 Tubaria perstriata  
 Tubaria recta  
 Tubaria similis  
 Tubaria verrucipes