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Inconspicuous, small, brown mushrooms, spores brown, smooth walled, with germ pore. On the ground in woods, pastures, gardens etc. and on dung; only occasionally directly attached to plant-remains or vegetable refuse; saprophytes.
Eleven species have been reported from New Zealand, as well as several undescribed species. Only those listed below have descriptions or images available from NZFungi.

Name (click to select)Image (click to enlarge)
 Conocybe coprophila  
 Conocybe gracilenta  
 Conocybe horakii  
 Conocybe huijsmanii  
 Conocybe mesospora  
 Conocybe novae-zelandiae  
 Conocybe piloselloides  
 Conocybe pubescens
 Conocybe pubescens  
 Conocybe rickeniana  
 Conocybe rickenii  
 Conocybe rickenii
 Conocybe rugosa  
 Conocybe sp. 1  
 Conocybe sp. 2
 Conocybe sp. 3  
 Conocybe sp. 4  
 Conocybe vexans