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Medium sized to large, fleshy mushrooms with adnexed gills, rarely with veil remnants, spores smooth, white, nonamyloid, cheilocystidia lacking. Ectomycorrhizal.
Poorly understood taxonomically, more than 10 species have been reported from New Zealand, only those listed below have descriptions or images available from NZFungi.

Name (click to select)Image (click to enlarge)
 Tricholoma albobrunneum  
 Tricholoma brevipes
 Tricholoma bubalinum  
 Tricholoma carneum
 Tricholoma cartilagineum
 Tricholoma elegans  
 Tricholoma pessundatum  
 Tricholoma psammopus  
 Tricholoma saponaceum
 Tricholoma stans  
 Tricholoma terreum  
 Tricholoma terreum
 Tricholoma testaceum  
 Tricholoma viridiolivaceum  
 Tricholoma whakawaituha