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Hypoxylon exutans
Anthostoma exutans
Diatrype exutans
Sphaeria capnodes


Present in region - Indigenous. Non endemic
Description: Stromata: Stromata applanate (erumpent from host tissue); perithecia not visible; ostioles lower than or more or less equal to stromatal surface, or finely papillate; stroma bipartite, outer dehiscing layer dark brown, thin; stromatal surface blackish; tissue immediately below surface carbonaceous; KOH-extractable pigments lacking; tissue below perithecia inconspicuous. Perithecia: Perithecia tubular; surrounded by papyraceous wall layer, shrinking away from wall of stromatal locule; 0.15-0.3 mm diam.; 0.4-0.6 mm high. Ostioles with more than one perithecium opening from each ostiole.
Asci: Stipe short with spores filling about two-thirds of ascus; amyloid ring broader than high.
Ascospores: Ascospores 9.5-15 µm long; 5.5-7 µm wide; brown; 0-septate; in side view more or less equilateral; in face view fusoid, or elliptic; ends broadly rounded, or narrowly rounded (sometimes pinched). Germ slit straight, spore-length. Perispore indehiscent in 10% KOH.