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Inocybe asterospora


Present in region - Indigenous. Non endemic

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Owner: J.A. Cooper

Caption: 74/541: pdd 88691: Astrosporina asterospora
Owner: Egon Horak

Caption: spores and cheilocystidia
Owner: J.A. Cooper

Owner: J.A. Cooper

Owner: J.A. Cooper

Caption: Astrosporina asterospora Quelet (PDD, 30849): n, carpophores; o, spores; p, cheilo- and pleurocystidia; q, caulocystidia.

Owner: Herb. PDD

Article: Horak, E. (1978) [1977]. Fungi Agaricini Novaezelandiae. VI. Inocybe (Fr.) Fr. and Astrosporina Schroeter. New Zealand Journal of Botany 15(4): 713–747 (http://www.rsnz.org/publish/abstracts.php).
Description: Pileus 20-30 mm diam.; hemispherical, convex to campanulate or umbonate-expanded; beige-brown to hazel-brown; dry, silky to fibrillose, rimose, later splitting towards estriate margin; veil remnants absent. Lamellae adnexed to sub free, crowded, ventricose; argillaceous turning deep brown, edge albo-fimbriate or concolorous. Stipe 30-40 x 3-4 mm, cylindrical or slightly attenuated towards apex, at base with marginate bulb (-6 mm diam.); concolorous with pileus or paler; dry, pruinose all over, striate, veil remnants absent, solid, single. Context brownish. Odour and taste acrid.
Spores 10-13 x 8.5-10 µm, ovoid, with numerous conical blunt projections, substellate, brown. Basidia 25-35 x 7-9 µm, 4-spored. Cheilo- and pleurocystidia 40-50 x 13-17 µm, fusoid, hyaline, metuloid (-3 µm diam. near apex), encrusted with crystals. Caulocystidia like cheilocystidia but larger, 50-60 x 15-20 µm. Cuticle a cutis of fasciculate not gelatinised hyphae (3-7 µm diam.), membranes encrusted with brownish (KOH) pigment. Clamp connections present.
Habitat: On soil under Leptospermum ericoides. New Zealand, Northern Hemisphere.
Notes: It may surprise one that this common Northern Hemisphere species occurs in New Zealand. To my knowledge A. asterospora is also found in New Guinea, the Solomon Islands, and Malaysia. Under these circumstances the record in New Zealand is not as isolated as it first appears.