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Present in region - Indigenous. Endemic

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Caption: Nivatogastrium lignicola HK.: a. carpophores (nat. size), b. spores (2000 x). c. basidia (1000 x). d. chrysocystidia (1000 x). e. cuticle (500 x)

Caption: Dried type specimen
Owner: Herb PDD

Caption: Dried type specimen
Owner: Herb PDD

Article: Horak, E. (1971). Contributions to the knowledge of the Agaricales s.l. (Fungi) of New Zealand. New Zealand Journal of Botany 9(3): 463-493 (http://www.rsnz.org/publish/abstracts.php).
Description: Pileus 5-15 mm diam., hemispherical or conical when young, becoming pulvinate, margin strongly incurved and connected with stipe-columella; yellow brown with distinct reddish or orange tinge; smooth, slightly viscid, non striate; margin conspicuously covered with orange or reddish coloured veil remnants. Gleba cellular, cells about 1-2 mm diam., not distinctly radially arranged; brownish, without well differentiated tramal plates, not gelatinised. Stipe 6-20 x 3-4 mm, cylindrical or fusoid, attenuated towards the apex (columella), normally transcurrent and extending to the cortex of the cuticle but rarely terminating abruptly in the gleba; yellow, ornamented with distinct, adpressed, orange or reddish coloured zones forming one or more girdles of the veil; when wet slightly viscid, becoming dry with age. fistulose. Context whitish, under the cortex of the pileus yellow-brown, up to 2 mm diam. Chemical reactions on pileus: KOH—brown. Smell and taste not distinctive.
Spores 13.5-16 x 8-10 µm, elliptical, sometimes even naviculate, smooth, brownish yellow, with distinct germ pore, membrane up to 1µm diam., axially symmetrical. Basidia 23-31 x 7-9 µm., 4-spored. Chrysocystidia 30-40 x 8-10 µm, fusoid, with short terminal projections, coloured by yellow plasmatic pigment, membrane hyaline and thin-walled. Cuticle a cutis consisting of cylindrical, repent hyphae (3-10 µm), membrane gelatinised, encrusted by yellowish pigment, clamp connections present.
Habitat: On rotten wood. New Zealand.