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Hypoxylon sclerophaeum var. macrosporum
Daldinia placentiformis
Nummularia placentiformis


Present in region - Indigenous. Non endemic
Description: Stromata: Stromata hemispherical, or pulvinate (constricted at base); 30-250 mm long; 30-250 mm broad; 6-20 mm thick; perithecia not visible; ostioles lower than or more or less equal to stromatal surface; stromatal surface with distinct purple pigments (vinaceous or dark vinaceous); granules immediately below stromatal surface yellow brown, or pale, hyaline to buff; KOH-extractable pigments olivaceous (olive green to brownish green), or olive green; tissue below perithecia inconspicuous.
Perithecia: Perithecia more or less globose; 0.3-0.6 mm diam.
Asci: Asci 140-170 µm long; 7.5-11 µm wide; stipe long with spores more or less confined to upper third of ascus, or stipe long with spores more or less confined to upper half of ascus; amyloid ring broader than high.
Ascospores: Ascospores 14-16.5 µm long; 6-8 µm wide; brown; 0-septate; in side view inequilateral, flattened on one side, not curved, or inequilateral, flattened on one side, curved (slightly). Germ slit straight, spore-length; on concave, curved side of spore. Perispore dehiscent in 10% KOH; smooth or with indistinct transverse thickenings.