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Present in region - Indigenous. Endemic

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Owner: J.A. Cooper

Caption: Fig. 51

Caption: Type specimen, Kew
Owner: B.P. Segedin

Owner: J.A. Cooper

Caption: scale=5mm
Owner: J.A. Cooper

Caption: basidium, metuloid pleurocystidia
Owner: J.A. Cooper

Caption: cheilocystidia and spores. Bottom: section through cuticle.
Owner: J.A. Cooper

Article: Stevenson, G. (1964). The Agaricales of New Zealand: V. Kew Bulletin 19(1): 1-59.
Description: Pileus up to 5 x 4.5 cm, slate grey becoming tinged brown, orbicular becoming lobed, margin at first down-rolled becoming finally upturned, velvety, sessile; flesh firm, white. Gills decurrent to point of attachment, creamy white developing some ochre tints, rather thin, very crowded, dense metuloids appearing like fine white hairs. Spores 7-8 x 4 µm, non-amyloid, thin-walled. Metuloids up to 50 x 15 µm, pseudo-amyloid, very abundant, very thick-walled, pointed, with or without encrusting crystals (Fig. 51). Cuticle of loosely woven semi-gelatinized hyphae with conspicuous clamp connections, with a few irregularly thickened hyphal endings.
Habitat: In standing dead Podocarpus spicatus. Butterfly, 22.5.1949, Stevenson (type).