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Elfvingia tornata
Ganoderma tornatum
Elfvingia australis
Fomes australis
Fomes brownii
Fomes nigrolaccatus
Polyporus australis
Elfvingia brownii
Polyporus tornatus


Present in region - Indigenous. Non endemic

Article: Gadgil, P.D. (in association with Dick, M.A.; Hood, I.A.; Pennycook, S.R.) (2005). Fungi on trees and shrubs in New Zealand. Fungi of New Zealand. Ngā Harore o Aotearoa 4: xi + 437 p. Hong Kong: Fungal Diversity Press.
Description: Type: Lignicolous Fungi; Description: Basidiomata perennial, solitary, hard, woody, attached by a broad lateral base. Pilei applanate, 70–300 mm wide, 30–130 mm thick. Pileus surface concentrically sulcate, sometimes weakly radially ridged or warty, grey, frequently brown with a dusting of spores, margin rounded, cream, 2–7 mm wide. Pore surface even or slightly pitted, with a cream sterile margin 1–7 mm wide, white to light grey, sometimes with large areas tinted orange, pores indistinctly stratose, 3–5 per mm. Context weakly zonate, dark brown. Hyphal system trimitic. Basidiospores ovoid, 11–14 × 7–9 μm, punctate, appearing verruculose, pale brown.
Distribution: Distribution: Northland, Auckland, Waikato, Bay of Plenty, Taranaki, Taupo, Wellington, Nelson, Buller, Westland, Marlborough, North Canterbury, Mid Canterbury, Otago Lakes, Central Otago, Dunedin.; 1st Record: Berkeley (1855: as Polyporus australis).

Article: Dingley, J.M. (1969). Records of plant diseases in New Zealand. New Zealand Department of Scientific and Industrial Research, Bulletin 192: 298 p. Wellington:.

Article: Cooke, M.C. (1879). New Zealand fungi. Grevillea 8(46): 54-68.