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Entomosporium mespili
Entomosporium maculatum
Fabraea maculata
Stigmatea mespili
Xyloma mespili


Present in region - Exotic

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Caption: underside of leaf, spots with slimy acervuli
Owner: Herb PDD

Caption: underside of leaf with spots, detail of acervulus
Owner: Herb PDD

Owner: Herb PDD

Caption: Conidia in water
Owner: Herb PDD

Article: Gadgil, P.D. (in association with Dick, M.A.; Hood, I.A.; Pennycook, S.R.) (2005). Fungi on trees and shrubs in New Zealand. Fungi of New Zealand. Ngā Harore o Aotearoa 4: xi + 437 p. Hong Kong: Fungal Diversity Press.
Description: Type: Foliicolous Fungi; Description: Conidiomata stromatic, acervular, scattered to gregarious, often confluent, subcuticular, partly erumpent later and rupturing the cuticle, oval to circular, brown to dark brown to black, 0.1–0.7 mm in diameter; on roughly circular, brown to purple leaf spots up to 5 mm in diameter but often coalescing and forming large patches on both surfaces of leaves; also found on spots on shoots and fruit. Conidia cruciform, made up of four cells; basal cell globose to short cylindrical, 6–12 × 4–7 μm; apical cell globose, 7–15 × 7–9 μm; lateral cells globose to subcylindrical, 3–7 × 3–5 μm; apical and each lateral cell with a single, tubular, flexuous appendage 3–18 μm long; all cells smooth, hyaline to subhyaline.
Distribution: Distribution: Northland, Auckland, Waikato, Bay of Plenty, Taranaki, Wanganui, Nelson, Buller, Mid Canterbury, Dunedin.; 1st Record: Kirk (1894: as Entomosporium maculatum).