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Agaricus porrigens


Present in region - Origin uncertain

Article: Massee, G.E. (1899) [1898]. The fungus flora of New Zealand. Transactions and Proceedings of the New Zealand Institute 31: 282–349 Wellington:.
Description: Entirely white; at first orbicular and resupinate, then ascending or horizontal and becoming more or less tongue-shaped, 5-8 cm. long, 3 cm. broad, sometimes fan-shaped or almost circular, sessile, glabrous, often more or less downy near the base; flesh thin, tough; gills radiating, very narrow, rather crowded; spores broadly elliptical, 6-8 x 4-5 µ.
Habitat: On stumps.
Distribution: Dannevirke, New Zealand. Europe.
Notes: Usually imbricated. Distinguished by the thin substance, narrow crowded gills, and white colour of every part.