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Agaricus appendiculatus


Present in region - Indigenous

Article: Massee, G.E. (1899) [1898]. The fungus flora of New Zealand. Transactions and Proceedings of the New Zealand Institute 31: 282–349 Wellington:.
Description: Pileus ovate, then widely campanulate, glabrous, bay-brown when young and moist, becoming white with an ochraceous tinge, wrinkled and rather atomate when dry, 4-7 cm. across, the remains of the veil often forming an irregular fringe to the margin of the pileus when young; flesh thin; gills adnexed, crowded, dry, rather narrow, whitish, then pinkish, at length brown; spores elliptical, 5 x 2.5 µ; stem 4-7 cm. long, 5-6 mm. thick, equal, glabrous, apex mealy, white, hollow.
Habitat: In tufts, on trunks, stumps, &c.
Distribution: Northern Island, New Zealand. Europe, South America.
Notes: A closely allied species, H. candolleanus, not yet recorded for New Zealand, is distinguished by having the gills pale-violet at first.