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Occurrence uncertain

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Caption: Picture Helen Greenep
Owner: J.A. Cooper
Description: Stromata: Stromata spherical; 25-80 mm broad; 15-55 mm thick; perithecia not visible, or inconspicuous; ostioles finely papillate; stromatal surface dull rusty-brown, cinnamon to sienna; granules immediately below stromatal surface red brown; KOH-extractable pigments violet; tissue between perithecia pithy. Tissue below perithecia conspicuous, comprising concentric rings of alternate dark and pale zones; pale zone nongelatinous, solid and pithy when dry.
Perithecia: Perithecia tubular; 0.5-0.7 mm diam.; 1.5-2.5 mm high.
Asci: Amyloid ring broader than high.
Ascospores: Ascospores 18.5-21 µm long; 10-12 µm wide; brown; 0-septate; in side view inequilateral, flattened on one side, not curved; in face view elliptic; ends broadly rounded, or narrowly rounded. Germ slit straight, spore-length; on concave, curved side of spore. Perispore indehiscent in 10% KOH.