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Present in region - Indigenous. Endemic

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Caption: 61-Coprinus colensoi: a. carpophores; b. spores; c. cuticle.

Article: Massee, G.E. (1899) [1898]. The fungus flora of New Zealand. Transactions and Proceedings of the New Zealand Institute 31: 282–349 Wellington:.
Description: Pileus cylindrical, obtuse, then campanulate, very thin, covered with snow-white scurfy meal, below the meal greyish and slightly striate, ½ to 3/4 cm. high; gills narrow, black; spores blackish-brown, elliptic-oblong, 0.7 µ long; stem 1.5-4 cm. long, slender, tomentose, white.
Habitat: On dung; subfasciculate.
Distribution: Northern Island, New Zealand.
Notes: A pretty little endemic species, allied to Coprinus niveus, but smaller, and the pileus not so cottony in its covering or veil.

Article: Horak, E. (1971). A contribution towards the revision of the Agaricales (Fungi) from New Zealand. New Zealand Journal of Botany 9(3): 403-462 (http://www.rsnz.org/publish/abstracts.php).
Notes: Fig. 4 The type specimen (BERKELEY 5293) is well preserved. The spores of this small Coprinus, only 1-2 cm high, measure 7-8 X 3.5-4 µ and have a broad apical germ-pore. The globular cells of the veil (20-50 µ diam.) on top of the pileus are densely but minutely warted. These peculiarities put C. colensoi into sect. Vestiti (Lange) Kuhner and Romagnesi.