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Agaricus stuppeus


Present in region - Indigenous. Endemic

Article: Massee, G.E. (1899) [1898]. The fungus flora of New Zealand. Transactions and Proceedings of the New Zealand Institute 31: 282–349 Wellington:.
Description: Pileus convex, then expanding until almost plane, rather fleshy, tawny or brownish, shaggy, especially towards the margin, with spreading, crowded, pointed scales, each consisting of a fascicle of hyphae, 4-6 cm. broad; gills adnexed, crowded, thin, umber-brown; spores obliquely pip-shaped, brownish, 7 x 4 µ; stem 2-3 cm. long, nearly 1 cm. thick, fibrillose, becoming smooth, thickened at the base; and attached to the soil by a copious development of mycelium:
Habitat: On the ground.
Distribution: New Zealand.
Notes: Allied to the European species Hypholoma velutinus, H. lacrymabundus, and H. pyrotrichus, but differing from all in the tomentum of the pileus being in the form of shaggy, fibrous scales. Type specimen examined.

Article: Horak, E. (1971). A contribution towards the revision of the Agaricales (Fungi) from New Zealand. New Zealand Journal of Botany 9(3): 403-462 (http://www.rsnz.org/publish/abstracts.php).
Notes: The type material (COLENSO 1264) is not only mouldy, but also has been attacked by insects, so that it was not possible to examine any microscopical structures. Under these circumstances the systematic position of this species cannot be resolved.