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Panellus metuloideus


Present in region - Indigenous. Endemic

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Caption: 187-Hohenbuehelia metuloidea: a. spores; b. cheilocystidia; c. pleurocystidia (metuloids).

Owner: J.A. Cooper

Caption: scale=0.5mm. Gills showing large cystidia
Owner: J.A. Cooper

Caption: upper: spore and cheilocystidium. Lower: pleurocystidia.
Owner: J.A. Cooper

Caption: cap cuticle and pilocystidia.
Owner: J.A. Cooper

Caption: Fig. 55

Caption: Type specimen, Kew
Owner: B.P. Segedin

Article: Horak, E. (1971). A contribution towards the revision of the Agaricales (Fungi) from New Zealand. New Zealand Journal of Botany 9(3): 403-462 (http://www.rsnz.org/publish/abstracts.php).
Notes: Panellus metuloideus Stevenson (29 D) Fig. 16 = Hohenbuehelia metuloidea (Stevenson) comb. nov. (Basionym: P. metuloideus Stevenson, Kew Bull. 19: 27, 1964)
A glance at the illustrations shows that this species clearly has to be transferred to Hohenbuehelia.

Article: Stevenson, G. (1964). The Agaricales of New Zealand: V. Kew Bulletin 19(1): 1-59.
Description: Pileus 3 x 2.5 cm., fuscous, moist, smooth, spathulate with down-rolled margin. Gills decurrent, creamy, shallow, moderately crowded with some forking, margins becoming serrulate. Stipe 3 x 4 mm, brown above, cream below. Spores 7-8 x 4-4.5 µm amyloid, thin-walled (Fig. 55). Metuloids 70 x 20 µm, pseudo-amyloid, with or without encrusting crystals, thick-walled, very abundant on gill-faces.
Habitat: On fallen wood in Beilschmiedia tawa forest, Keith George Park, Wellington, 31.3.1949) Stevenson (type).
Notes: The cylindric amyloid spores of this fungus point to the genus Panellus where it is treated, but the very abundant pseudo-amyloid metuloids also relate it to the genus Hohenbuehelia.