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Clavarioid fungi with simple, club-shaped fruiting bodies. Distinguished from those Clavaria species with clamp connections by a green to black reaction to 10% Ferric Chloride, and with a very prominant, conical hilar appendix (cf. not prominent, pappilate in Clavaria).
Saprobic on soil.
More than 20 species have been reported from New Zealand, only those listed below have descriptions or images available from NZFungi.

Name (click to select)Image (click to enlarge)
 Ramariopsis agglutinata
 Ramariopsis alutacea
 Ramariopsis antillarum  
 Ramariopsis aurantioolivacea  
 Ramariopsis avellanea  
 Ramariopsis avellaneoinversa  
 Ramariopsis bicolor  
 Ramariopsis cremicolor
 Ramariopsis crocea  
 Ramariopsis depokensis  
 Ramariopsis depokensis f. persicina
 Ramariopsis junquillea  
 Ramariopsis kunzei  
 Ramariopsis laeticolor  
 Ramariopsis longipes
 Ramariopsis minutula  
 Ramariopsis ovispora  
 Ramariopsis pulchella  
 Ramariopsis ramarioides  
 Ramariopsis simplex  
 Ramariopsis sp. 3  
 Ramariopsis tortuosa