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Fruiting body stalked or sessile sporangium, sometimes a tubular network on surface of substrate, wall with lime, lime granular. Wall often distinctly comprising two layers. Spore mass dark. One species in New Zealand.
Note that only those species listed below have images or descriptions available through the Virtual Mycota.

Name (click to select)Image (click to enlarge)
 Diderma alpinum  
 Diderma asteroides
 Diderma chondrioderma
 Diderma cinereum
 Diderma deplanatum
 Diderma donkii
 Diderma effusum  
 Diderma globosum
 Diderma hemisphaericum
 Diderma miniatum cf.
 Diderma niveum
 Diderma ochraceum
 Diderma spumarioides
 Diderma testaceum