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Small, blue-green cup fungi, saprobic on fallen white which is also stained blue-green. Highly diverse in New Zealand with 13 species, many putatively endemic.

Name (click to select)Image (click to enlarge)
 Chlorociboria aeruginascens  
 Chlorociboria aeruginascens subsp. australis  
 Chlorociboria aeruginosa  
 Chlorociboria albohymenia  
 Chlorociboria argentinensis  
 Chlorociboria awakinoana  
 Chlorociboria campbellensis  
 Chlorociboria clavula  
 Chlorociboria colubrosa  
 Chlorociboria halonata  
 Chlorociboria macrospora  
 Chlorociboria pardalota  
 Chlorociboria poutoensis  
 Chlorociboria procera  
 Chlorociboria spathulata  
 Chlorociboria spiralis